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TIMKEN Company expands product line for high-performance spherical roller bearings - News - SKF BEARINGS FAG BEARINGS NSK BEARINGS NORTH INTERNATIONAL TRADE GROUP LIMITED
Title: TIMKEN Company expands product line for high-performance spherical roller bearings
Views: 1470 Date: 2016-06-01

TIMKEN Company expands product line for high-performance spherical roller bearings

The spherical roller bearings are widely used in Industrial processing equipment, such as continuous casting machine, crushers, vibrating screens, excavators, and conveying equipments, etc. The spherical roller bearings which becoming the more important parts for our core product line is liked by our customers more and more. Now the customer can choose from a variety of dimension range for brass material and brass cage bearings.


Running in lower temperature, and working for longer service life

In high-performance spherical roller bearing product design process, Timken engineering team gave a lot of new features to the product, making the product life be effectively extended. If the product does not use traditional central guide ring, but to guide the cage through the inner ring, thereby eliminating the friction between the roller and the ring center guide. Practical tests show, Timken® offers high-performance spherical roller bearings operating temperature than other similar products on average 5˚C.

In the designing process of high-performance spherical roller bearings, the engineering team of TIMKEN company have given these bearings more new characteristics like the working life of these bearings has effectively as compared to earlier. These features not only extend the life of bearings but make the TIMKEN bearings very high-performing spherical roller bearings which also have the below benefits:



By improving or modifying we can reduce internal stress, optimize load distribution, and thus helps to reduce the bearing wear.


Higher load bearing capacity

With the longer roller size we have a bigger bearing surface, and thus enable our customers to deal with a higher load requirement.


Running in lower temperature

By improving the surface roughness, it makes the bearings adaptable to work in the lower temperatures. Lubricating oil film protects the bearing and helps to avoid the direct contact of metals and thus reduce the bearing operating temperature.


Working with more durability

The hardened steel cage can provide higher fatigue strength; enhance the wear resistance, impact and acceleration conditions to provide a more solid protection. These will help bearing running with more durability.